Monday, October 4, 2010

Things I Need to do this week!

Thrift Shopping!


I've GOT to make some caramel apples. MMMMM!


I need to work on Kimber's blanket a lot more! The faster I can get this done, the faster I can get to other things on my agenda.

ANNNNNND I need to make this...

How-to found here

BECAUSE...We have a new addition to the family!! Meet Heidi!

Heidi is the sweetest kitten ever! She purrs as loud as a full grown kitty. She was born August 15th, which makes her about 6 weeks old. Kimber is IN love with her, but is a little too rough with her. :/ We're trying to teach her how to hold her right and how to be gentle. Enjoy your Monday!!


  1. oh my sweet lord!
    heidi is absolutely beautiful. i am so completely jealous of you (:

  2. Wow, those caramel apples look sooo good! And those kitties are too cute!