Sunday, May 29, 2011

Future Project//Cigar Box Fiddle

As a lot of you know, I play the violin and I was raised listening to a lot of blues. I remember listening to my grandpa sitting on the bed, listening to his old country and blues records while singing and playing his guitar and harmonica. That's probably one of the best memories I have of him. I've recently picked up the violin again and I now have a craving to make my very own cigar box fiddle. I've even found instructions on how to make it!



Saturday, May 28, 2011

//Barbershop//Following in My Mom's Footsteps

Soon, I will be following in my mom's footsteps. I've decided to stay in the family business and I will become a barber. My mom owns her own barber shop here in Fort Worth and has been cutting military and civilian hair for like 25 years? Don't quote me on that, but it's been before I can remember. She's an EXCELLENT barber. There is ONE thing I would do, though. I would want to completely re-do her barbershop. In Austin, I saw the cutest little barber shop on South Congress called Avenue Barbershop

It's the CLASSIC barbershop look. I love it so!! I want people to feel like they stepped back in time to get a haircut.

And don't worry. I still want to open my own handmade/vintage store. That will happen one day.

DFW's Hottest Mom Contest//Update.

Yesterday went well.

Please excuse the bags under my eyes. I had only 3 hours of sleep the night before due to working until 2am.

This morning I found out that they narrowed it down from 5 moms to 4 and I'm STILL in the contest!!! WOOOO!! PLEASE take the 30 seconds to vote for me HERE. They will announce the winner on Tuesday. If I win, I'll get $2500 worth of spa treatment.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

//Crazy Week//

Jason and I celebrated our first anniversary on Sunday. We had a nice little date night and saw Thor in 3D. I thought it was really good, although, my eyes were straining from the 3D images after about an hour into the movie.
On Monday, I picked up our friend Clem that came all the way from England. Clem is an amazing composer. Add him on your Facebook here

We showed him around and showed him some Texas things. We went to Cabela's to look at all the taxidermied animals.

I also took him to Walmart for the very first time. He was just the sweetest thing. He taught me a lot of British terminology while we hung out. For example:

Shopping cart/buggy=Shopping trolley.
Trunk of a car=Boot.
Trash can=Bin.

Jason and Clem watched football stuff and they discussed the rules of American football and rugby. I really hope we get to hang out with him before he has to leave. I have to work 22 hours of overtime this week and I'm not sure if I can pull that off. :/

Also, I get to talk on a local radio station on Friday morning called Lonestar 92.5 KZPS because my mom decided to enter me into their hottest mom contest without me knowing. Once she was notified that I was in the top 50, THEN she told me. Now I'm in the top 5 and each of us get to talk to their morning guys, Bo & Jim. I'm so nervous, every time I think about it, I want to puke. I've NEVER talked on the radio...not even on the phone, but I actually have to sit down with them. EEEEEK! The winner of the contest gets $2500 worth of spa treatment. I'm in MUCH need of some of that...especially after these past couple of weeks. GEESH! Do me a favor and VOTE FOR ERIN!!! If you have the time on Friday morning, listen to my interview at 9:20 AM CST. You can listen to live feed of their radio station here.

//Texas Twister//

I felt a little like Dorothy last night, although, I didn't get bonked in the head and I didn't go to a magical place called Oz.
I've never been so scared in my life. Sirens started going off around 7:30pm and we were told to take cover. It was just Kimber and myself at home so we grabbed our kitty, Hiedi, I grabbed Kimber's crib mattress, ran to the guest bathroom and we laid in the bathtub with the mattress over us. I desperately tried to call my husband that was at work, but he didn't answer, so I called my mom to see what she knew and to tell me where it was so I could prepare myself mentally. I was so scared I was shaking and hyperventilating as I was talking to her. Kimber stayed really calm. She was joking and laughing. She thought we were building a fort. My mom told me that the tornado was seen about 5 miles away from our house and she was trying to keep me calm. My phone started to die, so I told my mom I'd call her back when something happened. We were both in the bathtub and I had Kimber straddled so she couldn't fly away and we sat there quietly until I started hearing really strong winds. I thought to myself, "This is it." I held on to Kimber tighter and started praying. After a few seconds of horrible winds, I called my mom and she said that it had passed us. I got up enough courage to walk out of the bathroom and step outside. And I saw this:

I'm pretty sure it didn't touch down, but it was developing over us when we heard the strong winds. Either way, I don't ever want to go through that again.
This has been a crazy couple of weeks. I need to update you guys about the Austin trip and our first anniversary, hanging out with our new friend from England and also how I'm in the top 5 hottest mom's in DFW and I could win $2500 worth of spa treatment!! It's been a very busy month. Phew! It's almost over.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Getting Ready to Go to AUSTIN//

I'm currently making a music list for the road trip to Austin that my friend and I are taking tomorrow morning.
So far I have:

-Bon Iver.

-Andrew Bird.


-Iron And Wine.

This is going to be a good road trip.

Monday, May 16, 2011


I've been really into Victorian photography lately such as daguerreotype. I recently came across a very haunting type of photography called post-mortem photography that was very popular in the late 19th century into the early 20th century. These photographs served less as a reminder of mortality than as a keepsake to remember the deceased. This was especially common with infants and young children; Victorian era childhood mortality rates were extremely high, and a post-mortem photograph might have been the only image of the child the family ever had.
I find it uber creepy, interesting, beautiful and sad...the kind of sad that puts a knot in your stomach. What do you guys think?