Monday, August 2, 2010

Our Portland Trip. Part one.

We had the BEST time in Portland. I didn't want to leave. My heart fluttered as our plane took off in Portland and I couldn't see the trees anymore. We got back last night and I had to come to work early this morning so I was slammed back into reality pretty fast. Thanks to our fantastic tour guides, Jeremy and Molly, we got to see some pretty amazing stuff.

The plane ride to Portland.

On the MAX to meet Jeremy.

This is the first place we stopped in Portland. We had our luggage with us while we waited in line...for thirty minutes. The wait was totally worth it.

This is my Voo Doo Doll doughnut. It was filled with raspberry jelly. Yummmm.

While waiting in line at Voo Doo Doughnuts, I took this picture.

Food carts like these are found on almost every street in downtown. I thought this one was cute.

Our second stop was Buffalo Exchange. I got a dress, a skirt, and a cute peter-pan collared top for SUPER cheap.

Our room number at the Ace Hotel.

Our bed.

The cute little sink.

The mural in our room.

Out our window.

We ate dinner here...oh MAN. It was so good.

An amazing view of downtown Portland at sunset.

After watching the sunset, Jeremy and Molly took us to this crazy block party thing called Last Thursday. I was randomly handed fresh lavender as I made my way through the crowded streets. It smelled so good.

This is a fire dancer that was dancing while a band played.

An Indian group singing on the street. It was beautiful.

This was all on our first day...I'll post part two sometime today.


  1. i really wanna go to portland (:

  2. it was SO much fun. I recommend you do.

  3. I loved your posts about your trip!!! Isn't it the most addicting place? I miss it terribly. You guys look so happy in your pictures!!!!! Can't wait to see the cute things you purchased at Buffalo! Plus, Mother's is to die for. So so good.

  4. Thanks, Laura!! Oh, man. I want to go back so bad. Especially with the heat wave that's hitting our part of Texas right now. :/ We were SO happy to be there. We're already planning on moving there within the next couple of years.