Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Our Portland Trip. Part Two.

We slept for a long time on the first night. We were so tired. The first day started at 3:30am. EEEK! Oh yeah...and I forgot. We had a celebrity sighting at the Portland Airport. Jason and I were standing near the baggage claim and a guy was standing behind us. Jason looks back and says, "is that Gallagher?". I looked behind me and I shook my head, "Nah...that's just some guy." We stood there for a few more minutes and the guy walks away...and he had a huge mallet in a clear plastic bag. It WAS Gallagher.

Back to the second day of our vacation...
We woke up late and had a little time to eat brunch at Tropical Smoothie Cafe and then we went to Powell's Bookstore to waste a little time until Jeremy got off work.

I got this book. I love it.

I got this one for Kimber.

Jason got some comic books. I'm not sure which ones he got.

THEN...we went to Buffalo Exchange and I got two adorable outfits. I wish I would of taken a picture of them. One was a white mexican oaxacan which is ADORABLE with my wide brown belt and I also got a peter pan collar blouse and a cute vintage skirt. I'll post pictures of them when I wear them again.

THENNN..we went to Stumptown to have a cup of coffee and read our new books.

After our cup of coffee, we went RIGHT next door to our hotel to take a much needed nap.

Jeremy picked us up to take us to, not just one, but TWO fantastical view spots.
We had to hike a little to get to the first one.

BUUUUT, it was worth it.

We jumped in the car and drove to another view spot. Multnomah Falls. SOOOOO pretty.

We made our way back to downtown, helped out Molly with moving her last things from her apartment and then we went to this awesome restaurant. I can't rememeber the name. :/ But I had a fantastic veggie burger. Yummmm!

I'll have part three of our trip posted by tomorrow. :)

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  1. i'd love to go to those places in your photos.

    nice pictures.