Sunday, August 8, 2010

10 Things I Love Sunday.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend! Mine has been a little topsy-turvy since we got back from Portland. Yesterday, I even got up at 4:30am, got in the shower, got dressed and came to work and realized that I didn't have to work yesterday. Haha! I hope I can get my mind straight soon. I'm super motivated and ready to get life back on track. Here are 10 things I love this week! Enjoy!

1. This stencil that Jay Wilkinson made of our friend Dave that just passed away. Let's see where he ends up!! I'm pretty sure he made copies of this stencil. I need to get my paws on one of them.

2. This ADORABLE wrapped fox t-shirt.

3. Kimber. I love her EVERYDAY, but she's been super sweet lately. She helped me cook last night and she loves watching me put my make up on. I let her do her own eye shadow the other day. It was the shimmery stuff so it wasn't as noticable compared to or gray. She did a good job. She decided that it should go on her eyebrows too. Her face lit up as she was doing it. She REALLY wants to be a ballerina. I think I should sign her up for some dance classes soon. I love watching her blossom everyday.

4. These cute customized dolls. This has Kimber's name all over it.

5. While in Portland we past by A LOT of bikes on the sidewalks. Some of them had cute crocheted accessories to set them apart from one another. I wouldn't mind creating one of these.

This one is my favorite.

6. Being given a bouquet of fresh lavender on the streets of Portland by random strangers. ::SNIFF:: Ahhhhh! Magical.

7. This dress. To die for.

8. Beards.

9. Bubble's been too long.

10. Breakfast food. I love it...anytime of day. :)


  1. gotta love beards.
    nice post (:

  2. i love almost everything here specially the bubble tea. :)

  3. I love the crocheted bike accessories! I think I need to get me some for my bike now. Thanks for sharing! (:

  4. Anytime! I wish I had a bike so I could crochet these pretties things. Maybe I will get one for Christmas this year. Hmmm.

  5. i would like some bubble tea! i ahvent had it in forever! and some yummy breakfast too

  6. Such beautiful images! I want that fox shirt and the romantic dress. I get insane cravings for bubble tea... I think your post has inspired me to seek some out tomorrow. :)