Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ten Things I Love Sunday! //Food Edition//

I think I'm just really hungry today. Haha! Enjoy and don't drool on your keyboard!!


Sushi will always be my number one favorite food. SO tasty and I can eat 5 rolls without feeling fat! :)

2//mashed potatoes and gravy.

I love starch! I want to be this lady riding down a mountain of mashed potatoes and gravy. She looks so happy.

3//stuffed bell peppers.

Yummy and healthy!!


The best tacos I've EVER found are the tacos at Fuzzy's Taco Shop


I love carbs.

6//Chick-Fil-A sandwiches.

Oh, so good! I love their lemonade too.

7//bubble tea.

I still haven't had my bubble tea fix from two weeks ago!


I will always have love for pizza...always.

9//snow cones.

Snow cone stands should be open all year long!! White coconut is my favorite. MMM!

10//stuffed mushrooms.

My most favorite appetizer!



  1. (apologies ahead of time for the super long comment)

    1 - i could eat japanese food everyday FOREVVURRR!

    2 - i am a potato whore.

    3 - i will have to try making these some time. i've only had them maybe twice in my lifetime.

    4 - looks like there's a Fuzzy's that just opened near me.. will have to check it out! although Fuel City bfast tacos are my fave!

    5 - i loved toast as a kid. my cousins and i used to sprinkle sugar on top of butter, and even condensed milk on toast is awesome!

    6 - mmMmm.. chicken biscuits. but like i said, i'm a potato whore, and i always seem to crave their waffle fries every saturday night around 9:45.

    7 - have you had popping boba? it's like an explosion of surprise in every sip/bite! you wouldn't believe how excited i was to finally see edible drinks making it big out here in the states.

    8 - surprisingly i've kinda lost my love for pizza. i think cuz i grew up in NY i have high expectations for what i consider to be good pizza, and it's hard to find.

    9 - i don't even know where i can get snow cones out here! they're definitely a good reminder of my childhood summers. snow cones and italian ices.. yum!

    10 - love mushrooms...i wish there was a fast food place you can get these from.

  2. I probably could of easily made this into a 20 things I love sunday. I just LOVE food! I love reading extra long comments!! :D

  3. Ha ha that picture of the lady riding down the mash is so funny! I've always wondered what bubble tea is? What does it taste like?

  4. Haha! I love that lady. She is my new favorite person. OOhh! Bubble tea tastes like heaven. It's a Japanese drink that has big tapioca pearls at the bottom. The tapioca pearls are usually soaked in a sweet concoction before the drink is made. It's served with a big fat straw so the tapioca pearls can be sucked up and chewed. It's kinda like having gummy bears in your drink. I really want one now.

  5. I love this post - everything is so vivid and looks so delicious! I could definitely go for some sushi, and those tacos look amazing! And mmm bubble tea! :)