Thursday, May 5, 2011

//Constantly Under Pressure//

From an article found here
Job Errors
"In most jobs, a typo or minor error can be easily corrected without any problems, but the same is not true for police dispatchers. In this work environment, there is added pressure because there is no room for error. Keying in a wrong number can cause police to respond to the wrong address, which can delay police response. Police dispatchers must work under the pressure that even the slightest error on their part may be potentially life-threatening for the people they are responsible for getting help to."
I didn't make a MAJOR mistake like this today, but I did make a mistake that could of easily been avoidable and could of saved a LOT more time. I should of been paying attention more.


  1. i haaate it when that happens :( it ruins the whole day for me.