Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Fun//Picnic at the Park.

Kimber's first picnic. :) She loved it.

Sushi picnic!!

Play time!

I'm sorry, but I make one PRETTY baby!!!

What Kimber Wore:

White Sleeveless Shirt//Old Navy.
Butter Yellow Suspender Shorts//Vintage.
White Ballet Flats//Wal-Mart.
What Mommy Wore:

White V -neck tee//Forever 21.
Blue & White Pinstripe Pinafore//Vintage & Handmade//Etsy
Brown Riding Boots//Windsor.


  1. No need to be sorry, she is very pretty! I LOVE Julian Casablancas! His solo album is perfection.

  2. mmm shrip sushi... hah now i'm hungry