Tuesday, April 12, 2011

//Circus Party Planning//

Oh man...It's crunch time. Kimber's birthday is less than two weeks away. Things to do before the big day:

1//Buy cake mix for cake and cupcakes.
2//Make a cute little banner to go on top of the cake.
3//Find out how/or if I have enough tables and chairs.
4//Find a sheet for photo booth backdrop.
5//Find LOTS of balloons.
6//Buy table cloth.
7//Find party hats.
8//More party favors for the kids.
9//Face paint?
10//Reserve carousel bounce house.
12//Buy food and drinks including hotdogs, hamburgers, cotton candy, popcorn, and soda.
13//Find a birthday dress for Kimber.
14//Find dress for me.
15//Find music to play during party.
16//Thank you cards.
Oh...did I mention her party is the day before Easter?! Oh goodness...talk about one busy weekend.
Kimber and I have been listening to a lot of Andrew Bird lately, of course. Hahaha! This is her favorite song this week:

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