Friday, April 8, 2011

Project//Moss Family Downsize.

Our family has recently decided to downsize after our lease is up in July. The rental house we're in is too expensive and too big for us. I swore that I would never live in another apartment again, but if we want to save some big money, then we'll have to sacrifice some square footage. We have two apartments in mind. Both are about 880 square feet. Which is SUPER small compared to the house we're in now. This means we're going to have a garage sale on a lot of the big furniture we have now. It's fine with me. I hate having all this mismatching furniture in my house. I have a few furniture items that I'll keep like my dining room table, my mid-century side table, my record player/stereo/8-track player, and Kimber's bed. Everything else will have to go. I don't mind sitting on the floor until we can accumulate some really nice furniture. Here are some furniture pieces I have my eye on and some design ideas for small living spaces.

LOVE this sofa. source

And this table. source


Some good reasons for being OK with small spaces.

A smaller space means more shelves. source

I want to make my own floating night stands to save a little room. source

One apartment we're looking at has a sun room which will be Kimber's room. I know she's going to be so sad that she won't be able to have her swing set to play on anymore, so I have a solution! I'll put a swing INSIDE her room. source

I have a lot more ideas, but I'll save that for when we actually move and get situated. I don't want to reveal too much. For now, I my goal is to make lists and gather everything that needs to go into the garage sale.

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