Tuesday, July 20, 2010


After I get back from Portland, there are a lot of things I need to get done. Priorities DEFINITELY come first, but as soon as I can, I want to start working on Kimber's room (I like the room shown above). I have neglected her room before because she wouldn't go in there very much, but lately she has become a little bit more independent and likes to go in her room to play by herself. I really need to work on ALL of the house, but I tend to set realistic goals. Baby steps. I'm working on making her a crochet blanket for her room right now. Hopefully, I can finish by the time we get her room done. :)

This is the big girl bed I want to get her from IKEA:

A few Etsy finds I found that I want in her room:

This cute vintage tin doll house.

Cute vintage animal figurines.

Some lovely paint by number paintings. :)

Some stuffed animals and pillows.

This pretty vase.


I can make a cute banner like this.

This Cute Daisy Chandelier.

Oh...and enjoy this song by Chief.


  1. Lovely. Planning rooms is so much fun.

  2. LOVE the yellow and white wall stripes from the first photo. also, lovely music choice. you have a wonderful blog!

    ps- i'm following you now! you should follow me :D

  3. Thanks Samantha and Christen! I love to find new friends and of course I'll follow you. :D

  4. love love love the little tin doll house! And the owl pillow is also beautiful - I can't wait to see the finished product, looks like you've got some fabulous ideas :)

  5. Thanks...I have a lot to work to do if I want it to look like that, but I love to do that kind of stuff.

  6. Can I have all of this in my room, please? What a beautifully designed layout!! Nice work, E!! Are you all packed and ready to go? I cannot wait to hear all about your trip!!


  7. I know...I want it for my own room. Jason would never let me. Hahaha! He thinks it's too girly, so it's PERFECT for Kimber. Thanks! I'm working on getting packed. We just bought a bunch of cute little travel soaps and such. I'm trying not to pack too much so we don't have to pay extra for baggage and plus I'm planning on buying a ton of vintage dresses while I'm there. Oh..don't worry. There will be tons of pictures and blog posts about my trip. :)

  8. Is it weird that I want so many of those things for my own room?? A grown up lady can have a squirrel pillow too.... right?