Saturday, July 3, 2010

26 more days until we're in Portland!!

Oh, hey there!! I'm at work while everyone is asleep on this wonderful Saturday morning. I planned on jogging this morning at 4am, but it was raining when my alarm went off. I had the most wonderful dream about Portland. Even though I've never been there, I have a feeling that I'm supposed to end up there one day. We leave to go to Portland on the 29th for our honeymoon...(2 months after we got married) Hahaha! We had to cancel the first time NOW I'm trying to reschedule the flight and OH MAN...what a headache! Don't EVER use Hotwire because they don't refund your tickets. So after all of this is behind us, I will pay about $1500 worth of airplane tickets. I better get some AWESOME pampering or SOMETHING on this flight for that amount of money. GEEZ! We're staying at the AMAZING Ace Hotel in Portland. I'm so excited. Words cannot describe how excited I am. People often ask me, "Portland? For a honeymoon? Why?"...are you KIDDING ME?! These pictures will tell you why.

This is Ace Hotel in Portland. We'll be staying there. YAY!

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