Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Vow for a More Healthier Lifestyle.

First off, I would like to apologize to my frequent readers for not blogging for the past week. There has been a lot going on. I lost a very good friend of mine to cancer. She was only 24. Since this tragedy, I've been attempting to better my life in any way possible. Here are some simple, life changing goals that I have set for our family.

1//Live an Organic and Natural Lifestyle.
Not only food, but with hygiene products, make up...I want to live a life without unnecessary additives and chemicals. I want my family to have pure bodies and minds. I found a good website that has organic hygiene and makeup products. I will definitely start buying from them. They have all sorts of things!

2//Try E-Cigarettes.
My husband and I both smoke and I hate it. I've attempted many times to quit and it hasn't worked. I have cut down A LOT, but I want to get rid of this nasty habit for good. A co-worker that smokes a lot more than me, is trying the e-cigarette and it's been working out well for her AND apparently it's available at 7-11 for about $20. That includes the charger and some cartridges. That's A LOT cheaper than cigarettes.

3//Turn Off the T.V. and Go Outside!!
I don't know if it's because of being stuck inside all winter, but I'm ready for a picnic. I want to cancel our T.V. service for 30 days so we can spend more quality family time together and go play outside instead. If it's rainy, we could play board games or read a book, paint, there's a TON of stuff to do without having a T.V.

4//Start Recycling.
Should I explain why? It's probably the easiest thing to do. I'm sad that I've never really tried recycling yet. The only excuse I have is being lazy.

5//Save Money!!
Don't be tempted by materialistic things. Save your money for rainy days.

That's all I have for now. I'm excited to live a more productive and happy lifestyle. Everyone else should do the same! This life is too short to be unhappy and lazy. Go out there and change the world!


  1. That sounds wonderful! For organic you might want to go to to see what's available in your area. Farmers' markets are fun, generally cheaper than organic in the grocery store, and a great way to get out of the house for a while -- hello goal #3.

    We get a fruit and vegetable box weekly through a great CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) in our area. I will admit the winter months with lots of root vegetables and citrus aren't as fun as the summer when we get corn and tomatoes and peaches, but we like knowing that we are supporting local farms and eating organic. Also our bodies generally need the vitamins that are found in the seasonal produce -- leafy greens, cabbages, carrots and oranges are wonderful for getting through the cold and flu seasons of winter.

    Please keep posting on your progress. We love to read your blog and it's especially encouraging because we have similar goals and it is nice to know we aren't alone in our triumphs and tribulations.

  2. And I'm sorry to hear about your friend. So sad, and so hard for you and everyone she left behind. I got caught up in your goals and the beginning of your post fell from my mind. Take care.