Sunday, September 19, 2010

Things Are Moving Along Nicely.

So, the garage sale didn't do as well as I expected. :/ BUT it's ok. The whole goal of it was to get rid of everything in the shop and after we put up signs saying "FREE STUFF", everyone and their moms were there.
EVERYTHING is gone, NOW the goal is to get the shop cleaned up and ready for our new studio. Clean up is not going to be an easy task, but I'm sure it will be fun with my partner in crime, Chelsea. The studio area even comes with our own pigeon mascot. Haha! We're both going to use the studio for the things we make and sell on Etsy. There's EVEN talk of us joining forces soon. Stay tuned for that!

While waiting for customers at our garage sale, we decided to make some of these pretties. They'll be for sale soon on The Crafty Fox Etsy shop.

Oh, and I finally dyed my hair red, but you can't even tell. :(

Today, I finally got started on Kimber's blanket. So far, I'm happy about this blanket and I'm going to actually finish it!

Whoa...I got a lot done in the last few days. There's still a lot more to do! AND Halloween is just around the corner. We STILL don't know what we're going to dress up as. Any suggestions??


  1. your granny squares are so perfect!


  2. so jealous i want a craft studio SO SO bad! we tried to have a garage sale too this past weekend but it ended up not happening...bummer!

    can't wait to see pictures of your new and amazing studio!


  3. thanks, ladies!! I'll be posting updates on our new craft studio soon!! We have lots of work to do. :D