Saturday, September 11, 2010

Garage Sale!!

Chelsea and I are going to help my mom with a HUGE garage sale at her shop this week and we're SO EXCITED!! You see, my mom owns a small strip mall and two of her shops haven't been used in years because we've been using it for storing garage sale items for at least five years. My mom kept saying that she would eventually get to it, but this time it's going to be done because...once the rooms are cleared out, my mom is going to allow Chelsea and me to use it as our art/sewing/craft room until she finds out what she wants to do with it. This is PERFECT for both of us. Chealsea and I both need some extra room to create and get our businesses going a little faster...AND there is an alteration shop next door with some adorable old ladies that are willing to help me sew!! This is exactly what I needed to get myself motivated.


  1. How exciting! Good luck with the garage sale! :)

  2. The uuuuuultimate art/sewing/craft room! How fun! And who knows what you'll find when you're getting ready for the garage sale. What a great win-win situation for your mom, you and Chelsea. Have you tried decoupage? I did a couple of bookshelves years ago when we lived in Texas and loved the way they looked. I'm thinking of trying it again.

  3. I know!! The shop has concrete floors and PLENTY of space for our creativity. I haven't tried decoupage, but my mom DOES have a 1960s or 1970s credenza that she's wanting to get rid of that I could use.