Saturday, June 12, 2010

I want...

1. Zooey's Hair. I'm tired of being blonde.

2.Instax Mini Camera.

3.More sleep.

4.Breakfast in bed.

5. A kitty.

6. These pretties as tattoos. (designed by Elsie) **Don't take my ideas** GRRRRRR.

7.To live in a cute camper like this one for a little while to save some money.


  1. I looooove Zooey's hair!!! And I love those tattoo ideas! =] {no worries I won't steal them:)}
    And I just got an Instax camera not too long it from! It's a lot less expensive, and 97 cent shipping..compared to $130 from Urban Outfitters =D


    Haha, I realized I sound like a reprsentive from walmart.. ;)

  2. I don't mind people that I don't come in contact on a daily basis taking the tattoo ideas. Hahaha! I just don't want to show up at a family gathering and find someone with one of the tattoo ideas. :D Thanks! I'll definitely buy it from Walmart. I'm all about thrifty shopping.

  3. Omg I didn't they had instax cameras at walmart! Haha. Instax cameras are fun! I have it for my Diana camera but it's such a pain to bring a around that huge thing. I've always loved Zoey! She's darling!

  4. i love zoey's hair too! i'm blonde also and it is tempting to make the change :)
    annnddd i really want an instax camera!!

  5. The constant bleaching is ruining my hair. I'll be dying mine back to a dark brown within the next couple of weeks. I'm also going to get some super awesome bangs. I'll update everyone with pictures. You should too!!

  6. I cut my hair into a cut box fringe recently after watching 500 days of summer :)
    Unfortunately, I looked like a horrid old lady and I'm once again sporting a side fringe.