Monday, June 28, 2010

Fun Week!!

Hey everyone! I had a fantastic week with Kimber and Jason. I also had time to dye my hair and do lots of crafting.

I tried to do some fun shaped pancakes for Kimber, but it didn't work out so well, so I just made regular pancakes. She liked them just fine.

I'm planning on making french toast for breakfast sometime this week for Kimber.

Jason and I took Kimber to our favorite sushi place to let her try sushi for the first time. She was excited.

We ordered an avocado roll for her to start on.

I had my favorite. Crispy cali roll. Mmmm.

Annnnnnnnd...she likes it!!

I had time to dye my hair. I'm also wearing my earrings I made thanks to RVA Summer Camp!!

We also had some family time outside.


  1. love!
    your daughter is precious
    =) sushi!

  2. :) Thanks, Dillon. I'll have to let you guys meet. She's the coolest kid EVER.

  3. Awe your daughter is adorable & I love your hair! I babysit 4 little kids once a week & have tried to feed them sushi because I love it & they just don't like it. Anyways, cute photos! (:

  4. Thanks! I didn't think she would at first, but I know she loves avocado, so I thought I could ease her in with just a simple avocado roll. What kind did you try to feed them?

  5. I fed them California rolls so there wasn't any raw fish in them. I should try to feed them avocado rolls. Haha.