Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ten Things I Love Sunday!

Phew! I'm finally back on my regular schedule. I've been at training for work and catching up on everything you can think of. This holiday is going to be pretty crazy. Here are some things I LOVE this week. Enjoy!

1.) If you're like me and scrambling on getting last minute decorating ideas, here is a REALLY cute DIY for a holiday wreath. Found here

They have a LOT of really cute ideas for Christmas decorating.

2.) These stocking are ADORABLE! How-to found here

3.) This OH SO CUTE Toddler Smocked Holiday dress. I have to get Kimber this dress or a dress similar to it for Christmas this year. found here

4.)I wonder if I have enough time to make this red dress as my Christmas dress this year. Found here

5.) These cute little thermoses!! I would love to find this cuties under the tree. *HINT, HINT*

found here

and here

and here

6.) These paper-mache pull toys! I'm making one for my daughter and one for my niece for Christmas. I can't wait to do this project! How to found here

7.) Love this song and video.

8.) Pretty hairstyle.


9.) I still love you, Portland! I keep having dreams about you. I'll see you again soon.


10.) Cute!! I have to do this for the Christmas party I'm throwing.


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  1. Completely in love with that hairstyle! Must try it some time! Thanks for sharing :)

    Aoife x