Monday, December 13, 2010

D.I.Y Monday! Embroidered Christmas Cards.

-Note card with envelopes. I bought a 50 pack from Hobby Lobby.

-Thumb Tack.

-Embroidery floss in the colors of your choice.

-Embroidery needle.



Step One:

Print off the PDF file found here

Step Two:
Cut out the pattern in the dotted lines on the 2nd page and place it on the front of the card. Tape the pattern down. *Don't tape it down hard or it will tear the card once you remove the pattern!

Step Three:
With the tumb tack, punch holes into dots of the pattern.

Step Four:
CAREFULLY remove the taped on pattern from your card. If you are doing more than one, set the pattern aside to re-use it.

Step Five:
Following the direction on the PDF file that you printed off, embroider the card with your choice of embroidery floss. Don't worry about seeing the work on the other side. It just makes it that more special that your family and friends know that it is TRUELY handmade by you.

Step Six:
Personalize it with a thoughtful message and TA DA! You're done!!

Happy crafting!! I've got to do about 30 more of these...back to work!!


  1. i love this! I just went to print it out. I can wait to make one for my bestie!

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