Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's about to get REAL crazy...

I just realized that Kimber's birthday party is in exactly a week. I've got SO much to do, it's not EVEN funny. It didn't help that I was sick this past week. I'm not sure if it's the insane amount of pollen, or if I just had a cold, but I didn't get ANYTHING done while I was of work. Right now, I can't hear very well. It's like I'm underwater. My head is so congested. Anyway, I just ordered party supplies from I'm SO excited for that to come in. Originally, I wanted her party to be a vintage kitty party, BUT I really can't find too much vintage kitty stuff, so NOW she's going to have a retro mustache party. YAY! This is what I ordered:

These Pretty Baking Cups

Birthday Cupcake Picks

Retro Birthday Hats


Noise Makers

I will be making this fruit sparkler: (found at

Which will be served in glass soda bottles like these:

With my paper straws that I got a few weeks ago:

I also need to work on a banner or garland for her birthday party. Anyone want to help me this week?

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