Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pretty Home Decor Things.

We're REALLY excited about looking for houses and getting to decorate it!! So I've been looking at a lot of decorating stuff lately. Enjoy!!

Here is a REALLY cute nursery that I'm going to have to steal some ideas from for Kimber's room. I KNOW I said I was going to do get the crib bedding listed in a previous blog, but I decided to go with something a little more cheerful.

This pretty lamp shade.
This pretty cute craft desk and sewing table.


  1. aww very flattered to be thought of for this round up! didn't meghan do SUCH a fantastic job on that nursery?
    love the little blue chair that you found!
    happy house hunting! :)

  2. You're very welcome!! LOVE your style. Meghan did an AMAZING job on that nursery. She has given me a lot of inspiration for the decor in my daughter's room. Thanks!! I'll keep everyone updated on when we get the house and upload pictures of the decor.